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Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Testing your case and arguments.

Focus groups are facilitator-driven interviews of jury-eligible participants used to explore specific elements of your case. They are typically best used early in the litigation process when you are unsure of how jurors may perceive various aspects of the case, and/or when the sheer complexity or size of the matter makes it difficult to determine the best story. Focus groups are extremely flexible and can be designed to meet any research need. Because information is presented in segments, it is possible to address a number of issues in a single day. Through a focus group you can:

  • Assess case strengths and weaknesses from a juror’s perspective.

  • Uncover specific issues and problems that need to be addressed through discovery, witness work, and motion practices.

  • Develop case themes and effective approaches to difficult issues.

  • Inform and improve your overall case strategy.

Mock trial research provides an understanding of how your case will be viewed by jury eligible citizens in the venue or matched venue prior to trial or ADR. Watching deliberations and post-verdict interviews via closed circuit, counsel and client can appreciate first hand the process by which jurors reached their decision. Mock trial research can be tailored in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of your case.  Overall, mock trial research:

  • Tests key evidence, demonstrative exhibits, and witnesses from a juror’s perspective.

  • Assesses jurors’ responses to the verdict form questions and jury instructions.

  • Evaluates jurors’ decisions on liability, causation, and allocation of responsibility.

  • Can at times, provides damage calculations and estimates, to assess settlement value and for risk management as well as highlights areas of confusion and where refinement of the narrative is needed.

  • Identifies effective themes, ineffective themes and arguments for both sides as well as Illuminates characteristics of high-risk jurors for jury selection.