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Surviving & Thriving During a Contested Custody Case: A Complete Blueprint


"I make sure all my clients get a copy of Rick’s book."

 Amanda T

"I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

– Rachel G

"What an incredable journey Rick helped me take. I was able to get out of my own way and let go of all the negativity I was feeling toward my ex.”

– Michael P

"Learning how to approach a contested modification from Rick’s point of view really made this experience easy. Yes - I said easy.”

– David B

“It saved the relationship between me and my child.”

– Terry J

“After reading this book, I now show up as a co-parent and most importantly, as a parent in ways I never thought were possible.”

– Paula R

"Rick's book helped me finally understand myself and how to be the parent I always dreamed about being.”

 – Shelly L 

"His book made this process so clear and easy to understand.”

– Mary M 

"Reading Rick's book and completing his worksheets made the information easy to digest.”

– Lindsey C

"It was almost as if I had Rick right next to me as I went through some pretty challenging times. Because of his book, I was no longer doubting my ability to be the primary custodial parent.”

– Sarah W

Divorces are on the rise and spiking all across the country. Going through divorce has always been challenging, and now, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a myriad of unforeseen marital and parenting issues being created for couples ending their marriage while trying to navigate a new world of parenting that involves mandatory quarantine, health restrictions, and social limitations. His timely insights can help readers keep a sense of perspective and remain centered during a period of global, as well as personal, upset.

Trial psychologist Rick Goldberg has released his tell-all guide to divorce and parenting, Surviving & Thriving During a Contested Custody Case: A Complete Blueprint. This comprehensive manual will be useful for family law attorneys and their clients going through a contested and contentious divorce or a modification of a prior order. While not intended to be legal advice, Goldberg is a career trial psychologist working in the family law arena and very familiar with the litigation terrain. He understands the heartbreak of divorce, both professionally and personally, writing with both simplicity and empathy for the reader.

 Individuals from any background will benefit from Goldberg’s expertise, which is grounded in decades of experience and professional observations. Goldberg hopes to comfort and help parents by showing them how to avoid common pitfalls such as mudslinging, alienating, and potentially damaging their position by sabotaging their own case. Essentially, Surviving & Thriving During a Contested Custody Case is a comprehensive handbook to controlling harmful impulses and maintaining a long-term focus that extends years beyond the courtroom.

Surviving & Thriving During a Contested Custody Case explores common emotional dynamics and provides actionable advice to ensure that children, soon-to-be-former spouses, and other family members are able to interact in a healthy way. Goldberg is not afraid to take on challenging topics, such as parental alienation, dysfunctional co-parenting and prioritizing children’s needs during the tumultuous period following a divorce.

Surviving & Thriving During a Contested Custody Case includes compelling questionnaires and creative worksheets throughout the book to guide readers. For example, a list of teenager conflict signs may help parents understand how their emotions and actions can negatively impact older children. Additionally, key points are highlighted after each chapter for review. These concise segments can serve as a brief summary or refresher for readers who are searching for a few quick tips.

Goldberg also challenges readers to anticipate important questions that may arise during trial, such as, “Why is it in your children’s best interest for them to reside primarily with you?” Answering these questions in advance allows readers to develop thoughtful, well-supported responses instead of being caught off guard in the courtroom. Surviving & Thriving During a Contested Custody Case removes the guesswork of what parents can expect during a custody battle.

Rick Goldberg is an author, speaker, jury consultant and trial psychologist with over 25 years of experience in family law. He has worked in a wide variety of legal capacities and served as lead trial consultant on complex cases throughout the world. When Rick and his team are not conducting jury research, he is preparing key witnesses to testify in hearings, depositions and trials. He also assists attorneys in developing case strategies, demonstrative evidence and a variety of supporting materials to strengthen a case.